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Pet-friendly Accommodation Near Gauteng

As a family of dog lovers we often go on weekend breakaways and   take our dog with us.  We thus over the years booked with various self-catering pet-friendly accommodation in the Limpopo and North West provinces in South Africa.  I hope that this post will help you to make a decision  where to book the next time you want to take your dog(s) with you on a well-deserved weekend breakaway.  The quality of pet-friendly accommodation has definitely improved. 

A cottage at Stonehill.
Stonehill boasts four-star, self-catering pet friendly cottages catering for different family sizes and is situated in Magaliesburg.  It has stunning views and you and your four-legged friend(s) will have ample opportunity for walks.  What I particularly enjoy are the beautiful sunsets while having a braai or sitting around the camp fire.  All cottages are fully fenced which makes them very convenient for bringing your dogs along.  We are experienced self-caterers and can testify that the cottages are all well-equipped with a feminine touch for detail.  This accommodation deserves a 9/10 for comfort and style but be prepared  that it is quite expensive.

The view from one of the
mountain cottages at Saamrus
Saamrus Guest farm is also close to Magaliesburg and has several cottages catering for from one to several guests.  The cottages are quite basic and not that well equipped for self-catering but the farm itself has beautiful views and a river front walking trail making it very popular. The cottages are also fully-fenced. You can either stay close to the farm house or in one of the cottages on the mountain.  We already
stayed on both sides and find the cottages on the mountain to be more private and closer to nature.  However, you will need a strong vehicle to reach the cottages there as the road leading there is steep and full of stones.  This accommodation deserves a 5/10.

New Horizon
New Horizon is a private farm close to Magaliesburg on the Koster Road.  From all the pet friendly accommodation I already experienced this farm house is just so incredibly comfortable and only yours to fully enjoy during your stay.  The owner works in town and although his house is close by, you will feel as if you are alone there to enjoy walks, the lovely garden, the farm animals and the beautifully decorated farm house with all amenities you can think of.  Your dogs will love running around in the large fenced garden. This accommodation deserves a 8/10 for comfort  but security is not very good and there is no cell phone signal in parts of  the house.

The farmhouse at New Horizon private farm.
Dinkelacker Farm Cottage.
Dinkelacker Farm Cottage near Bela Bela is situated in the most beautiful surroundings.  The open plan cottage with one bathroom and a kitchen is quite comfortable but not well equipped for self-catering.  It has a lovely fully fenced garden and a private pool to enjoy.  Expect to experience the most beautiful sunsets and you can also take long walks with your dogs.   This accommodation is cheaper than the rest and your stay will be quite comfortable with friendly and caring hosts.  Cell phone reception is, however, bad but if you want to get away from it all, this will not bother you too much.  This accommodation deserves a 6/10.

Lavender Lake Farm
Lavender Lake Farm is just outside Magaliesburg and has a beautifully decorated fully fenced cottage.  Although well-equipped for some, we expected more utensils in the kitchen.  You and your dogs can take long walks on the farm and  the kids can also go for a swim in the portable swimming pool (the kids will enjoy it).  When we visited, the dam was half empty because of low
The cottage at Lavender Lake Farm.
rainfall but the surroundings were nevertheless beautiful. The farm has good security and an electrical fence giving you a feeling of security.  However, make sure the electrical fence is switched off before going for a walk and opening the gate.  The noisy road close by was a disappointment as well as poor cell phone signal,  but the accommodation is very comfortable and you can bring your four-legged friend(s) with.  This accommodation deserves a 7/10.

The Blue Orchid
The Blue Orchid has splendid views of the Hartbeespoortdam.
The Blue Orchid is a lovely double story, thatched two-bedroom self catering house in the heart of Kosmos, Hartbeespoortdam.  It has lovely views of the dam from both stories and you can be assured of the best sunrise and sunset experiences ever.  The owners, who live on the same property but in a separate, secluded house, are very accommodating towards pets and are also dog lovers.  The garden is unfortunately not ideal for dogs, but you can always take your four legged friend for a walk in the quiet and safe neighbourhood.  This accommodation deserves a 8/10.

Enjoy the view of the Hartbeespoortdam from the Blue Orchid.


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