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Top Things to do in Cape Town South Africa

S ince Table Mountain was nominated as one of the seven new Wonders in the World, there is even more reason for you to visit this magnificent city. Cape Town remains my favorite city in South Africa. As the oldest city in South Africa, to me it is also the most beautiful and my family and I visit here at least once a year. The city has such diverse cultures with a fascinating history. There is always something to do and to experience in Cape Town. It boasts many tourist attractions and is also a child friendly city. Here is my own personal top list of why you should include Cape Town in your list of travels whenever traveling to South Africa. Table Mountain Of course Table Mountain should be on any list of favorites. Table Mountain, a national museum, is a beautiful sight and is Cape Town's pride. This majestic mountain can be reached by cable car and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. The views from the top are spectacular when skies are clear