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Must-Do Attractions in Mossel Bay

View of Mossel Bay from Klein Brakrivier, a nearby coastal town.

Life-size replica of Bartolomeu Diaz's caravel in the
 Maritime museum.
Mossel Bay, a historic coastal town in the Western Cape, is definitely a favourite of mine and also of many South Africans. Not only is it rich in culture, but its more than 60 kilometres of white beaches along the Indian Ocean and its mild climate makes it a sought-after destiny during both summer and winter times.  For the tourist, there are many things to do apart from spending some time at the beach. Known as the historical capital of the Garden route, the town boasts many historical buildings. Its harbour is visited by many pleasure boats and other  international seafarers. It is also an important export harbour for wool, ochre and ostrich feathers.

Here is my list of favourite things to do whenever I am in Mossel Bay:
Diaz beach is well-known for its white sand and whale spotting.

View of the St Blaise Lighthouse from Delfino's restaurant.

  • The beautiful Diaz beach should be on your list of things to do.  Strolling on the long, white beach will be refreshing to your soul.  You can gaze at the beautiful Indian Ocean and perhaps even spot a whale.
  • The  Maritime museum to experience the  life-size replica of Bartolomeu Diaz's caravel, the ship in which he sailed into Mossel Bay in the year 1488. This museum also displays numerous ship models of a previous era.
  • The Post Office tree in the Diaz museum complex in a historic milkwood tree.  This post office has been operational since the early 1500s.  Why not send a letter to a loved one from here?
  • The Cape St Blaise lighthouse right next to the seaside in the middle of the old town which was built in 1864. Have some lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant which is situated on the popular Point in Mossel Bay.
  • Another favourite restaurant of mine is the Delfino's restaurant  on the beach front with spectacular views.  The children would love playing in the pools near the rocks.
  • Visit the Cave below the St Blaise Lighthouse. If you like hiking, are really fit and would like to experience more of  the stunning cliffs along the seashore, then the St. Blaise Lighthouse hiking trail will be to your liking. It is 13.5 km long (takes approximately 6 hours to complete),  begins at the cave below the Lighthouse, and ends at Dana Bay.

View from the cave below the St Blaise Lighthouse.

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