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Vergelegen Wine Estate in Somerset West, Cape Town

The farm house at Vergelegen Wine Estate.

Vergelegen Wine Estate in Somerset West about 40 km from Cape Town offers an ideal day trip which the visitor will not easily forget.  

Apart from being a top wine producer, the history of the estate is also captivating while the surroundings will take your breath away.

The estate boasts a Wine Tasting Centre, a Stables bistro and fine dining at The Camphors restaurant.  Visitors can also organise for a picnic in its beautiful and tranquil gardens.  Vergelegen  when translated means "situated far away" is well-known for its fine wines.  It was already built in 1685 by Simon Van der Stel and later further expanded by William his son.  It has since then had many owners who restored and refurbished the house and the gardens.  It is currently owned by the company Anglo American and has seen many heads of states entertained here, including former President Nelson Mandela.

I have visited Vergelegen Wine Estate already many times and keep on coming back.  I am totally captivated by the enormous oak trees  which are hundreds of years old.

This enormous Oak tree is amazing to see.

 The river which runs through the estate provides that added serenity to the environment.  I love strolling through the beautiful gardens with its interesting ponds and to admire the historic interior decoration of the old farm house.

The beautiful garden is tranquility at its best.

Vergelegen Wine Estate provides the ideal day trip from Cape Town which will also be enjoyed by children of any age.

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