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My Five Best Free iPad Applications

Next time you fly to South Africa, why not also use your iPad as your travel guide and companion? With the numerous free travel applications available in the Apple iPad's application store, you will be assured of a wonderful stay with all the information you need right there at your finger tips. Recently I realised that that there are numerous free travel applications available which will just be as good as those one you have to pay for.

In this post I would like to recommend my five best free iPad applications you should consider downloading for your next trip.

Triplt Free trip organizer (7.9MB)

This trip organizer will merge all your travel details into one itinerary. It also links with other social media platforms and your emails to access your travel arrangements. You will never be confused about your travel details ever again.

Touchnote Postcards for iPad (11 MB)

With this free application you can use your own photos and send them as postcards to your family and friends.  Imagine their surprise as the final product is very professional with a personal touch.

Yelp (15.6MB)

Imagine never having to wonder where nearby restaurants, shops or businesses are in the country that you are visiting. With this application you can also read reviews about restaurants or search for particular addresses that you need.

Flightaware Flight Tracker (6.8 MB)

With this application you can track real live flight status worldwide. The application also allows for push notifications regarding flight cancellations, changes and numerous others. You will always be informed of your flight's status real live. Never arrive at an airport again only to find out that your flight was delayed or even cancelled.

World Cultures Heritage Guide (395MB)

This application will have to be downloaded using your desktop or laptop computer. Once downloaded you will have access to the Hudson Museum's World Cultures Gallery. The Hudson Museum is based at the University of Maine, Orono, United States of America. With this application you can explore universal cultures, themes, rituals and beliefs and numerous other customs. What better way to prepare yourself for your next business trip or even if you only travel as a tourist to a foreign country with a very different culture than your own.

Apart from the above applications, also consider downloading a language application for the country that you will be visiting and learn a couple of words before your arrival. Read my article about How to learn a foreign language using an iPad

Numerous other travel applications exist, some of which should be paid for. But these applications have always made my travels easier and they are free.


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